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Refund Policy

  • We have created a thoughtful cancellation policy to provide the best quality and customer service to our consumers. Each project is planned by breaking down the work into milestones.
  • A comprehensive investigation, analysis, and creation of a scope of work document come first in every project. This is done to prevent project  cancellations, reversals, or disagreements and ensure that everyone is completely informed of the work that must be done.
  • Getting reimbursement for previously performed work is not feasible since each milestone and module must be finished. If a project is amicably terminated, the client maintains ownership of all completed work, and any payments made for extra work become invalid. There would be no reimbursement for any prior payments or deposits.
  • Once the customer confirms some elements of the project, such as backlinks, website, and UI/UX designs, we enter the production process, and no cash will be reimbursed. Projects are not eligible for partial refunds when they are in the midst of a milestone phase.
  • Our marketing team does not accept cancellations for services rendered on special occasions. These offers have a deadline and cannot be changed.
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